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About Us

Commercial janitorials

To get a no-obligation estimate or a free consultation, be sure to give us a call at (504) 517-5618!

Quality Finish
New Orleans, LA 70122
Phone: (504) 517-5618

Quality Finish is owned and operated by a Montana transplant who delivers first-class commercial and residential property preservation services to clients all around the area. Wondering how we can help you? Have a look at our Homepage for further details on our services. Stay here if we have captured your attention and would like to get to know our company based in New Orleans, LA a little better!

How Are We Different?
Apart from the versatile portfolio of specialized cleaning and maintenance services we boast, our team is also heavily engaged in different social activities taking place in our local community of New Orleans, LA. Charitable events such as blood and food drives are always on the top of our list and Founder Shae Walters started the first New Orleans Clean-Up Krewe that meets monthly to gather trash from various areas around the city!

Why Trust Our Seasonal Property Maintenance & Service Team?
Whether you need a skilled expert to perform the regular maintenance required to upkeep your business or rental properties or would like a professional to oversee and regularly clean your office or Airbnb, you can follow the example of the hundreds before you and entrust these tasks to our reputable team. As you can see, choosing Quality Finish’s property preservation crew is a clear win-win!

Maybe You Have Seen Us

The Quality Finish Team provides a large range of services and one of our favorites is one of the main ways we get to meet YOU while on the clock! Don't hesitate to say hello when you spot us at public events, local fundraisers, or volunteer projects with organizations such as the American Red Cross, or the many local breweries and community organizations.


We can't wait to see you!

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