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Keeping your home or commercial property maintained can be such a hassle. Busy schedules eat up free time and your ability to locate the needed products and equipment. We can easily take care of the job for you, if you’ve been looking for assistance with home or business maintenance and repair projects, Quality Finish can accommodate your needs right here in New Orleans, LA & Surrounding Parishes.


We provide the following services, including customized packages based on your needs:


Interior Painting

Quality Finish is focused on providing you with a clean and visibly refreshed home or business space! Our most common services include Painting and Handyman repairs.

Contact us for a free estimate on the interior paint project you need to refresh your home, real estate, or business office needs. 


Commercial Cleaning

If you want your office to be spotlessly clean, feel free to call our professional cleaners at Quality Finish for specialized cleaning plans based on your needs. We are willing to deliver quality cleaning service from roof to floor. We arrange the shelves, polish the floors, organize the cluttered documents, dust off cabinets, and more. We make sure to keep your property de-cluttered and dust-free.

Some specialized cleaning services with Quality Finish include: deep cleaning, pet-friendly cleaning services, short term rental and Airbnb cleaning, and so much more. We are willing to work hard and offer a wide range of options to meet your cleaning needs! 

Request your free quote with Quality Finish below


Carpet Cleaning

If you’re faced with filthy and unsanitary carpets, make sure to hire Quality Finish to purge all those nasty stains and bacteria. 


Our carpet cleaning addresses both appearance and healthy refreshing with the removal of dirt, stains, allergens, and other possible contaminants which can be completed through different methods. Poorly maintained carpets can certainly be discouraging, but Quality Finish can restore the visual appearance of your home or business carpets.  


Construction Cleanup

Construction is one of those avenues where all forms and sources of the mess are inevitable. The aftermath of the construction project leaves you with one heck of a cleanup job. Construction companies or even carpentry contractors are not too particular on the cleaning when they’re done. However, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to not leave all the junk out in the open as a potentially giant safety hazard. To remedy this, you’ll need specialized cleaning from the experts at Quality Finish in Spearfish, SD!

Contact us right away to schedule the essential clean-up to protect the safety of your family and friends. 


Handyman Services

I can build, hang, mount, install, clean, repair or oversee your property, projects or other assets. Let me take the "do" out of your "Honey Do"


Foreclosure & Real Estate Cleaning

Move in, move out cleaning is far from being a necessary evil that simply has to get done. If you’re moving out, it’s basically common courtesy and your civic duty to leave the place as clean as possible. If you’re moving in, as part of the safety measures for you and your family, you have to ensure that the place has no traceable signs of filth. We work together with residents or real estate and financial corporate owners to clean and prepare a home for its next step.

Long term absence from your home can still require some basic cleaning to keep things manageable when you return. If you need a team to take care of your property while you’re away, we’re the company you can count on. Effective management of your property is something we do best, so don’t think twice about calling us now. We can keep your property safe and secure, thanks to our professionals’ dedication.

Carpet Rugs Background in the s.jpg

Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Quality Finish is now offering both commercial and residential upholstery and rug cleaning. Let us haul away your rugs and save the hassle of a service call during business hours.

Contact Quality Finish to refresh your upholstery surfaces and beautiful rugs that add beauty to your space! 

Armed with the right tools and equipment for the job, 

Quality Finish is your best choice for effective residential & commercial property maintenance and interior cleaning.

Contact us at (605) 639-5617 to schedule your appointment

with Quality Finish.

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